• Green or Sustainable Consumer

    Green Consumers

    People say they want sustainable products, but they don’t tend to buy them. Particularly Millennials—increasingly say they want brands that embrace purpose and sustainability. Here’s five approaches for companies to consider:

    · Social Influence

    · Shape Good Habits

    · Leverage the Domino Effect

    · Talk to the Heart or the Brain, and

    · Favour experiences over ownership.

    Source: Harvard Business Review

  • Entrepreneurship is Thriving in Canada

    Entrepreneurship is Thriving in Canada

    A new report by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows Canada has highest level of early- stage entrepreneurial activity among G7 Countries. The biggest motivator for male entrepreneurs in 2021 was “to earn a living” which probably reflects the turmoil caused by COVID. For female entrepreneurs, the biggest motivator was “to make a difference in the world.” READ MORE

    Source GEM – Oct 2022

  • Business Loan Calculator

    Business Loan Calculator

    Using your available cash for all projects is a common mistake entrepreneurs makd. This can put a lot of stress on your cash flow. A better strategy is to use a business loan for your growth projects, Here’s a tool to help calculate business loan.

    Source: BDC

  • What can we expect in the workplace in 2023

    5 Work and Business Trends 2023

    What can we expect in the workplace in 2023. The way we work has changed over the last few years. If you are wonder if these changes are here to stay or will we see more changes.

    Source: US Camber of Commerce

  • Prices are Rising, but Technology can Help Restaurants Stay Ahead

    What can restaurants do to reduce overhead costs, keep customers walking through the door and spending their hard-earned money?

    · Make sure the right point-of-sale (POS) system in place, this helps to streamline a menu and control food costs and provide menu reports.

    · Tableside ordering tablets and kitchen display systems (KDS) can be used in conjunction with one another to ensure orders are accurate · Identify the dishes with the highest profit margins

    · Loyalty programs collect purchase information and creates repeat customers

    Source: Restobiz

  • Self-Care and Mental Health Resources for Small Business Owners

    9 Self-Care Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs

    Staying on top of your mental health while your are running your business increase your chances of achieving peak productivity. Read on for actionable tips and resources to help you prioritize self-care as an entrepreneur.

    Source: Shopify

  • 4 Small Business Collaboration ideas to boost your sale

    4 Small Business Collaboration Ideas to Boost Your Sales

    You’re a small business owner, not a big box retailer—great! In today’s world, you’ve got a leg up on big corporations because you’re a real person with a pretty great face and can give personalized service. And today’s consumers want to spend their hard-earned cash supporting small businesses; this is an advantage you should leverage any time you can. One of the best ways to do that is to work with your fellow small businesses.

    Source: Shopify

  • 10 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022

    Holiday Readiness Guide: 10 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are only a couple of weeks away. For retaillers this time of year can make or break you, and retailers around the world are working to find ways to meet the new era of holiday shopping.

    BFCM is always a big deal in retail, and 2022 promises to be an exciting year for online and offline stores alike. Here’s a holiday guide with tips to prepare the busiest shopping days of the year November 25th and November 28th.

    Source: Lightspeed

  • Content Strategy for improve Social Media account for Small businesses

    How to Craft an Effective Social Media Content Strategy

    You want your business to stand out, and you can do that by creating content that is valuable to your audience. Use this 10-step guide to create an effective social media strategy for your small business.

    Source: Sprout Social

  • Reach More Shoppers this Holiday Season

    Google is here to help you get your business and products online for free in time for the holiday rush. Check out the free resources available including:

    > Business Profile: Drive in-person shoppers to your door. 

    > Pointy: Get your live store inventory listed across Google Search and Maps. 

    > Free Listings: Show your products across Google surfaces for free, and get started easily with one of our ecommerce partners, or Merchant Center.