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Digital Service Squad presents a series of webinars that focus on valuable online marketing techniques to help increase visibility & sales.

Companies use online marketplaces to reach customers who want to purchase their products and services. Online marketplaces can be a great way to start and grow your business.

The digital marketplace connects businesses to buyers through a distributor’s website or application. Amazon is an example. Online marketplaces act as digital middlemen to efficiently conduct transactions. Buyers get a choice in what they would like to buy and sellers get a variety of customers to sell to.

Businesses of all sizes use marketplaces to sell to new and existing customers. They can also be a great way to get your products online without creating a whole ecommerce site, which can be time consuming and costly – especially for new businesses. Choosing the right marketplace for your business will help you reach the right target audiences to help maximize your sales.

The Choosing an Online Marketplace online seminar will help entrepreneurs with the following:

  • Different marketplaces and what audiences they attract
  • The pros and cons of certain marketplaces
  • Differences between a marketplace and ecommerce site
  • Reasons to use a marketplace
  • Questions to ask yourself before starting an online marketplace
  • Commission structures and how to maximize profits
  • Best practices and how to succeed using an online marketplace

There is no cost to enroll, it’s FREE. Just click the green “Register button at the top right of this page to register for the session, it’s quick and easy.

This is a 1-hour in length (online only) seminar. A link will be sent to your email after you sign-up. The link is active December 7 at 9:55 AM EST , when you will join a member of the DSS and other interested entrepreneurs to learn more about social media marketing.

Social media needs to be part of your advertising strategy, no matter if you operate a small local shop or a big national company. We will take a closer look at how the exposure of a business on social media can accelerate brand awareness during the pandemic and why the 2023 social trends matter.

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  1. Understanding Google Tools

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