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Guest Post: Truth About Management That No One Told You.

Truths about management that no one told you.


Guest Post by Jelly Triangle


It’s not unusual for small business owners to put full trust in their staff, assuming that staff will always be honest, organized, and efficient and let you do your thing. Truth is that most small business owners are also managers. And while as manager your job isn’t to babysit, you have to foster an environment designed to help your staff succeed. Not everyone is a self-starter and a wicked problem solver and diligent about tracking their hours, but they may be aces at their core role which is why it’s up to you as manager to make sure your expectations for the job are clear, and achievable. Whether you’re already in the thick of it or are still in the planning stages, here are some things to know about your additional role as Manager.


Time Tracking:


Even if your staff is paid a salary they still have to track lieu time, and vacation time. If they’re paid hourly, they have to track all of their time. An Excel spreadsheet works fine, but look into online tools to make it simple for everyone to enter their hours, and for you to view. And you need to view them at least every month! If an employee is taking longer than intended on a project they may need help and are embarrassed to ask.


Project Management:


If you don’t have an assigned project manager for each job request, then you are the project manager. In this case it’s also up to you to ensure that each moving part of the project is operating on an appropriate timeline and meeting your company’s baseline for output. That means checking in with your staff on progress and performing quality control at various times.


Performance Review:


Over time you’re compiling information in order to provide a solid performance review for your staff. You can grab a free template online but make sure you customize it to suit the goals of each role. When you conduct your performance review remember that it’s not a lecture, it’s a time to make sure that your impression of the job your staff is doing lines up with theirs and, if not, this i a time to strategize ways to improve performance and communication.


Human Resources:


You likely already knew that you are responsible for hiring and firing, but also be informed that additionally you’re responsible for handling harassment complaints, illegal actions, leaves of absence, sick days, and benefits.


Leading a Healthy Work Environment:


The staff follow your lead, which means if you’re behaving negatively, they may follow suit or adopt a fearful outlook. When you work to lead positively and encourage respectful, open communication, you’re more likely to lead a positive and dynamic team of staff. This may seem obvious but as business owners it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the entire business as a whole that you may not realize you’re frustration is leaking out in other areas of your job. And you know that team you’re managing? Talk to them! You’ve got a diverse range of expertise at your tips, problem solve with them as part of your strong leadership strategy.


Want some in-depth advice on your managerial set-up? The Waterloo Region Small Business Centre can connect you with a consultant or mentor. Take a look at their Programs (https://www.waterlooregionsmallbusiness.com/Programs.htm) to find out more.


Jelly Triangle (https://jellytriangle.com/) is your one-stop-shop for all of your small business digital marketing needs, from social media strategies and blogging to a shiny new website. Contact us at 519-624-8888 to book your commitment-free consultation.  

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