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Guest Post: Social Media Marketing Missing the Mark? Filter Bubbles & Echo Chambers Might Be Why

Social Media Marketing Missing the Mark? Filter Bubbles & Echo Chambers Might Be Why


Guest post by Jelly Triangle


As a marketing company with a passion for online everything, we’re well aware that what we see online is a direct reflection of how we use the internet. It’s no coincidence that the ads we see are from businesses whose websites we visited 2 weeks ago, and that the headlines in our social media feeds are related to the accounts we follow. But are you aware of it? Understand how plugins for advertising and newsfeeds on social media platforms and websites work and gain knowledge that will ultimately help you devise a smarter marketing strategy. We’re talking about Filter Bubbles and Echo Chambers.


Filter Bubble: The internet works through mathematical equations telling computers what to do in the background. You see the pretty face, but there’s a brain back there. While AI isn’t quite ready for world domination, the engineers behind the AI sure are smart and have come up with a lot of ways to make your online experience enjoyable. When you log on to social media platforms like Facebook or search online for help, you want to see posts and advertisements relevant to you. The brains of the internet work automatically to generate content for your viewing pleasure based on your online habits. It’s called a Filter Bubble. You see what you want to see. It’s SO beautiful! The problem with the filter bubble is that you run the risk of missing out on a well-rounded education. You may miss the launch of a new product or medical success, you won’t get the full story on any political conversation, and if your customers don’t “like” your posts somewhat regularly, they aren’t going to see you either.


Echo Chambers: You’re clicking right along unknowingly in your filter bubble, seeing only things you choose to see, when all of a sudden you’re directed to content from additional sources that backup everything you think, like, and want to know more about. Huzzah! You’re so smart! You are winning at life! Sorry to burst your filter bubble, but the experience you’re celebrating is an echo chamber: the brains behind the internet have picked up on your likes and dislikes and are showing you advertising and sponsored content that further supports everything you love. Once again, your risk missing out on the full story of, well, everything! If your customers “like” items online that aren’t singing the same tune as your company’s social media content, they’re going to miss you, too. 

How do you break into the cycle of your customers’ online habits? Resilience! Remind customers in store that you use social media channels and give them reasons to follow you: announce customer appreciation days, provide coupon codes, educate customers about your products and your industry at large, make them laugh, be relatable, and support the community. Provide content that is true, interesting, and entertaining. Your goal with social media marketing is to elicit a response – a comment, a like, a share – to get your content into their filter bubbles and echo chambers.


For more information about Filter Bubbles, Echo Chambers and more, take a look at the Jelly Triangle Small Business Blog. 

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