Information Guides

• Ontario Business Program Guide

The Business and Economy section of the Ontario Website provides valuable information for business owners. 

• Guide for Canadian Small Business

Information for Small Canadian Businesses

Ontario - Your Guide to Small Business

General information for small business.

• Aboriginal Business Info Guide

Explore this website for information regarding Aboriginal Business.

• E-Business Info Guide

Online business is a crucial part of our economy. Explore the benefits to having an e-business.

• Not for Profit Info Guide

Not-for-profit corporations are organizations that provide products or services without making profit.

• Retail Business Info-Guide

Get financial performance data on the retail and wholesale trade sectors, as well as information on their structure and characteristics.

• Start Up Info-Guide for Newcomers to Canada

Explore this website to find important information regarding business for Newcomers.

• Tourism Business Info-Guide

Explore information, models and software that you can use on your own.

• Women in Business Info Guide

Female entrepreneurship is paramount for the Canadian Economy. Learn about the tools and resources available to Women in Business. 

• Youth Entrepreneurship Info Guide

Entrepreneurship can start at any age. This guide will introduce you to the basics of starting a business, and the government programs available to young entrepreneurs in Ontario.

• Guide to Federal Incorporation

This guide gives business owners a general overview of federal corporate law under the Canada Business Corporations Act (CBCA).


Guides for Specific Businesses

• How to Start an Artisan and Craft Business

• How to Start a Bed and Breakfast

• How to Start a Construction Business

• How to Start a Consulting Business

• How to Start a Convenience Store

• How to Start a Personal Care Home for Seniors

• How to Start a Pet Business

• How to Start a Restaurant or Catering Business

• How to Start a Spa or Salon

• How to Start an Alternative and Complementary Healthcare Business

• How to Start an Early Childhood Centre

• How to Start an Event Planning Business