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Rhyze Ventures is a transformational change for women-led businesses. Push your leadership and your business to the next level.     

Rhyze Ventures is a custom-designed program created by female entrepreneurs, for female entrepreneurs. We have crafted a balance of in-class learning, practical hands-on project work, mentorship, and peer-to-peer networking to address your biggest business challenges, push your boundaries, and see you through to implementation. 

Three streams mean that you get only information that is relevant to your business stage and sector:         


Small Business Stream:  

  • Idea stage or just getting started. 
  • Focused on local/regional markets. 
  • This stream is hosted by the Business Centre Guelph Wellington, with over 20 years of experience in starting and growing local small businesses.

Scalable Business Stream:  

  • Existing businesses in STEM, Agri-Innovation, Cleantech & Manufacturing sectors. 
  • Growth and/or export-oriented. 
  • This stream is hosted by Innovation Guelph; fostering innovation in Guelph since 2010, specializing in high-potential startups and small to medium-sized enterprises ready to scale.

Social Enterprise Stream:

  • Idea stage or just getting started. 
  • Local or global markets. 
  • Committed to both profit and purpose. 
  • This stream is hosted by GreenHouse, a community for innovators who want to create social and environmental change, and the Waterloo Regional Small Business Centre, which has helped businesses grow in Waterloo Region since 2005.


Here's what you can expect from the program:  

  • Classes lead by hand-picked experts and seasoned business leaders  
  • One-on-one support from a carefully matched mentor committed to supporting your business and personal development  
  • Access to industry specialists and experts to help you develop and implement a tailor-made project to move your business forward  
  • Building networks that can last a lifetime with like-minded women who aspire to have a big impact     

For more information: [email protected], Program Coordinator, Innovation Guelph