Management and Operations Resources

• Organizational design

Organizational design is the way in which you set up your business (employees, information and technologies) to best meet your business objectives.

• Management leadership

Are you a strong leader? Are you using the skills of your management team in a way that maximizes their potential and benefits your business? Do you take responsibility for the effects your business has on those around you? These things are all signs of good management, which is good for your business and your customers.

• Benchmarking

How does your business measure up to others in your industry? Benchmarking allows you to evaluate your performance and ensure that your business is operating at an optimum level.

• Protecting your interests

Your company is your greatest investment. Protecting yourself from potential pitfalls is paramount to your success. Discover safeguard options that will help keep your business secure.

• Supply chain management

Your product travels through many stages before it lands in the hands of the consumer. Effective management of your supply chain can help you create a seamless process from pre-production right through to delivery and consumption.

• Networking, coaching and business counselling services

You don't become an expert business manager overnight. Seeking the advice of peers, professional business counsellors and coaches can help you transition from new business owner to experienced entrepreneur.