Idea Generation Resources

• Is entrepreneurship for you?

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? This tool can help you determine if your experience, attitude, goals and lifestyle are compatible with owning your own business.

• Developing your ideas

If you decide to start a new business, you will need to spend some time developing your business idea. One of the greatest advantages of being an entrepreneur is being able to work on something that interests you and that you are passionate about.

• Developing your business plan

Your business plan is the most important document you will prepare: It says who you are, describes your business, and shows how you will be profitable.

• Business name and registration

Register your business name and get a Master Business Licsense. 

• Forms of business organization

Now that you have decided to start your own business, you will have to determine what business structure or form of organization suits your needs.

• Financing your business

Entrepreneurs often report that getting financing is the most challenging aspect of starting a business. There are both government and private-sector sources of financing that you can tap into to get your business off the ground.

• Buying a business

Buying a business can take time, energy and a fair bit of research. It can be less risky and more affordable to purchase an existing business than to start one from scratch, but it is important that you do your homework to ensure that you buy the right business for you, and that you pay a fair price for it.

• Choosing and setting up a location

Trying to decide where to locate your business and how to arrange it once you get there? Review these resources and consider your options.

• Checklists and guides for starting a business

Access guides and checklists for starting different types of businesses.

• Buy or Lease Calculator

Should you lease or buy equipment? Use this calculator to find out! We calculate your monthly payments and your total net cost. By comparing these amounts, you can determine which is the better value for you.

• Hatching your Start-up through Incubation

Sometimes a little bit of help goes a long way when you are beginning your entrepreneurial voyage. You may have a great business plan, but need a little help with finding a location or financing your start-up costs.